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Updated: Dec 30, 2019

About a month before we lost our pregnancy at 14 weeks, I started reading Lisa Terkeurst’s book, “It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way.” Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this book would become so relevant in my world just a few short weeks later. Naturally, being a mother of 4 children (with number 5 on the way), I had only made it through the first two chapters before I stopped. Soon after our loss, I saw the book sitting by my bath tub, and knew I needed to finish it; I knew it was going to be something that could speak the Word of God into my heart and help the deep aching in my soul. There is a chapter in the book that hit me hard. It was something so simple, but was so profound. It was about dust, and it stirred up thoughts inside of me.

Losing a child is something that makes you feel extremely lost. It’s a place of being completely broken and shattered, to where you are confident there is no chance of ever putting yourself back together. There is no way to make it through. It’s hopeless. It’s over. It’s all just dust.

Well friend, I need to tell you something. God loves dust. Dust is exactly what He needs to make the miraculous happen. If you can just be willing to take the shattered dust in your hands and connect it to Jesus Christ, who is the Living Water, you will make clay; and clay is exactly what our Father in Heaven — the Potter — needs to create His masterpiece. It’s not over; it’s just the beginning.

Take a moment to think about a potter. He takes a lump of clay, and uses his hands to mold and shape it into something he sees it can be. He gets his hands dirty. He pulls away the pieces of clay that make it that lump — the parts that prevent it from being the beautiful masterpiece it was intended to be. The God of the Heavens stands before us ready to get His hands dirty. He is ready to make you into who you are supposed to be, what you were created for. He isn’t scared of your dirt — of your brokenness. He sees what He has planned for you all along. Plans for hope and a future.

I encourage you today to join me in surrendering our brokenness to the One who stands waiting to hold it. Let us allow ourselves to be molded and shaped by the Potter. Let us be okay to let go of the parts of us that need to be discarded. Let us be shaped and formed. And when it is over, I promise you we will stand back amazed — amazed at what He did with our dust.

Written by: Lori Johnson

(Picture by Austin Ban)

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