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Lincoln’s Hope was established on November 1, 2019, after we lost our precious son, Lincoln, at 14 weeks in a second trimester miscarriage. Through our journey of grief and loss we realized how frequent miscarriage and infant loss happens, yet there is so little available to the families walking this journey of loss.

Our vision here at Lincoln's Hope is to put the Hope of Christ into the hands of these families, at the time they need it most. Our Lincoln's Hope Boxes contain items that families can use every day, allowing them to put the Word of God wherever they are. Our desire is that they can use these tools to speak hope into their lives whenever they need it.

Above all else, we pray over each of our Lincoln’s Hope Boxes! We pray specifically for the families that receive them. Whenever these families have moments when they feel all alone, it is our hope for them to know there is a group of people praying over them! We pray that this simple box would bring them closer to the God who can be the anchor in their storm and heal their brokenness.



Please let us know if you have a family experiencing miscarriage or infant loss. We would love to send them a box!

 Our Hope Boxes provide families who are experiencing miscarriage or infant loss with the tools they can use to speak the Word of God into their circumstances. Here is a look into our boxes and why we chose each item:

1.) The Bible- We fully believe that the Word of God can speak light into any darkness that we walk through. His Word is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path. It can help guide us through this and speak hope into this journey that we are facing. 

2.) Inconceivable Redemption: God’s Presence through Miscarriage and Infertility. This book was a very helpful read for us when we started this journey. Though each and everyone of our stories is different, Erin has a lot of nuggets in this book that can help these families feel God’s presence. We also love the journal spots at the end of the chapters so our families can write out what they feel as they go!

3.) The Mug- We are coffee people! In those early days I remember sitting by our fireplace drinking coffee. As I read my Bible, I prayed that I would find hope in those moments. Psalms 34:18 was one of my “cling to” Scriptures. I felt like “crushed spirit” defined me. I love having this Scripture right in front of my face every morning to remind myself that God will save me from my brokenness. 

4.) Necklace- Anchored. Being anchored in hope was one of the big things God spoke to our hearts. He reminded us that an anchor is what holds those massive ships steady during a storm. We pray that this necklace can be a reminder that God can be their anchor through this storm, if they let him. 

5.) Scripture Cards- We felt the need to put encouraging Scriptures wherever we were. Our families can put these on their bathroom mirror, in their car, or in their wallet—wherever they are—and speak hope over themselves when they need it most. 

6.) The Letter- Each letter is written by a family who has walked this road before our families. They are still on this journey of grief—just in a different stage. We pray the words that God has put on their hearts to share with them will help them recognize that they are not alone. We have prayed specifically for each family. We prayed that God would show himself to them in this season. We hope that when they feel alone, that they would remember that there is a group of people that have been and will continue to pray for them!

Want to learn more about our Hope Boxes? Know a family in need? Contact us today.



You Asked, We Answered


We do not charge for our boxes! That is our ministry to families experiencing loss! All we need is a name and address and we will ship their box out to them! 


Lincoln’s Hope operates completely from donations! If you would like to donate to our ministry we have the option on our website  and Facebook page! If you have any questions regarding donation please feel free to reach out to us! 

Our boxes cost us around $30 per box. This price includes the box ($20) and shipping fee ($10). 



Miscarriage and Infant Loss Support


Support Group

Join us once a month as we gather together and minister to each other over coffee. We may all have different experiences in this journey of miscarriage and infant loss that brought us here, but we all walk the same journey of grief. Let us join together and seek God's heart. Let us build each other up and strengthen our faith. He alone is the God who can bring hope and restoration to the wilderness we are journeying through. 

We also have a Wilderness Restored Support Group on Facebook for those who need community but aren’t local. Message us for information!

Stay tuned for information regarding dates and locations!



Annual Retreat

Our hope and vision at Lincoln's Hope is to have our first Restoration Retreat happen this year! This retreat enables Lincoln's Hope Mommies who have experience miscarriage or infant loss to get away from the hustle and bustle of normal life and devote time to seeking God and allowing Him to minister to our souls and bring healing to the wounds in our hearts. With times of worship, devotion, and fellowshipping with other Lincoln's Hope Mommies we know God can do great things!

Stayed tuned for more information!

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